Sales Engineer

San Francisco, California, United States


You’ll join a fast-growing, well-funded tech company with an extremely strong foundation that’s just getting into its next phase of growth. We’re looking for hungry, intelligent, and versatile sales professionals like you to join a special team to accelerate Tray’s go-to-market strategy. We believe in our product, team, and market position -- now it’s time to execute.

As a Sales Engineer at Tray, you will use your technical skills and social aptitude to help Product, Operations, Marketing, Sales, and IT leaders expedite their initiatives, exceed their revenue goals, and crush their day-to-day. Contribute to Product, being a lense into features needed to drive new business. Live on the front-lines with Sales, go onsite to meet clients, help solve complex problems, and create business value for stakeholders.

Sales Engineering team members are Subject Matter Experts on our product, and our roadmap. In 6 months, you will recognize every technology company in the Bay, and accidentally think about integrations at cocktail hour.




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